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Updated: May 10, 2021

A great turnout for our Hartland hike sponsored by Langleaves!

We planned on doing 7.5 miles but had to change the route slightly due to unforeseen circumstances and ended up doing a mega 9.8 miles around the Hartland coastline from Hartland Village to Black Pool Beach where we stopped for 20 mins to take in the views and have a brew then down to Hartland Quay for a toilet stop before heading to the beautiful Speke's Mill Mouth waterfall for another 20 min break before we headed back to the start point in Hartland!

We had a real mixed bag of people of different ages and backgrounds on this activity and every single one of them should be proud of what they achieved!

Thanks again to those of you who took part and an extra special shout out to those who left a nice review / recommendation on social media, it's awesome to read your feedback and know that we've made a small difference to the way you feel, 10 miles is a massive distance and again, you should feel mega proud of yourselves, hopefully we'll see you again soon!

Thanks again to Langleaves for sponsoring this event, if you're ever looking for a tree surgeon or have a landscaping idea then please give them a shout!

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